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Security and streamlined comfort


• Internal plush lined with
comfortable padded neoprene
neck collar
• Adjustable elastic cummerbund
with Quick Adjust System
• Trim Weights and MRS Plus

Conceived and designed for divers who want security, comfort, and style. Dragon offers top-notch levels of comfort and high lift capability while keeping a streamlined shape. Fully equipped for the most demanding divers, Dragon also features 3D Alutex protection and abrasion-resistant mesh.

This design characteristic means high lift capacity across all sizes compared to traditional bladder constructions. Demanding and technical divers are supported even when loaded by the weight of heavy tanks and many accessories. High lift is also ideal for recreational divers who don’t like compromises and limitations for their activity.

The Back Protection System Plus is a patented dual position lumbar backpack. Heavily padded in either position, you can double the padding for increased lumbar support or extend the length of the padding depending on body shape for ultimate dive and pre-dive comfort.

This compartment is for using fixed weights to provide balance. Rear non-releasable weights holding 2,5kg/5.5lbs per pocket, secured with quick release buckles.

Optimal ballast with a mechanical release system. A simple click ensures easy and secure storage of the weight pockets. A single outward pull on the oversized handle releases your weights. Maximum load 6kg/13lbs. Velcro interior for dividing the pocket into multiple sections (M, L, XL).

Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL

Lift: XS - S 16,5kg / M 18,5 / L 20kg / XL 24,5 kg

Materials: 420 denier buoyancy bag with Alutex 3D protection and in an abrasion-resistant mesh

Rings: AISI 304 stainless steel rings

Valves: Twin Exhaust Valve System and Two rear quick dump/over-expansion relief valves

Pockets: Two zippered pockets

Special characteristics: Upper Exhaust valve

Pret: 1381.60 Lei (cu TVA)

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